My Story Patricia Velasquez

My life has been a storybook adventure. I was born in Venezuela, the fifth of six children. My family is of the Wayúu, an ancient and indigenous people of the La Guajira Peninsula straddling the Venezuela-Colombia border on the Caribbean Sea. Two rivers flow through our land, and I as a young woman, often traveled them to visit the indigenous people of the deep forests—my cousins—the Yanomami, the Panare, the Pemon, and others-— whose botanical riches and magic became part of our living knowledge and traditions. And part of my life.

I am bonded forever to nature. As a young girl, a young woman, and now, I find myself always returning to it as my source of purification, calm, and beauty. Even with my great opportunity to study and work in Europe, and my success as a model and actress, I always missed the simple, yet abundant, gifts of the forest.

This was particularly so when harsh chemicals were applied to my hair and skin as a model. The artificial and synthetic nature of these ingredients did not react well with me, and when I returned home, I was able to return to the traditional remedies used by my mother and sisters to repair and nourish my hair and skin with marvelous results.

In fact, the results were always so wonderful that my friends who modeled with me would beg me for the beauty products I was using. They could not believe that these products were the traditional combinations of wild nuts, berries, and plants that my mother and her mother's mother had been using for generations.

This is why I love the TAYA products. They are truly the spirit and promise of the forest. They are rebirth and regeneration, with the power to beautify. Not just a single plant, but the entire array and treasure of all those magical botanicals that the Wayúu and other of our indigenous people have used forever. Each of the TAYA products are so simple, so powerful, so wonderfully formulated from just the right ingredients for that product's purpose.... that my mother and sisters.... would be proud!